Ben Butzow

Hello, my name is Ben.

Since 2011 I have been an indepenant programmer and have been publishing android apps under the name cr5315 Apps.

I have been using a wide variety of platforms and languages and have become increasingly proficient with Java and Android over the years.

I am available for a variety of project types as a freelance programmer or programming consultant.


Almost all of my skills are self-taught, through careful Google searches, YouTube tutorials, and of course, StackOverflow.

I am always eager to learn something new, and this list is ever-expanding.


cr5315 Apps

I publish Android apps that I write under the name cr5315 Apps on the Google Play Store. You can view all of my apps at These are a few of my more recent apps.


I am a huge fan of open source software, and I enjoy taking part in the open source community. Here are a few of my projects on GitHub.

Android Social Buttons

A set of Android views which allow for easy sharing of content.

Countdown for DashClock

A DashClock extension that displays the days, hours, and minutes until or since an event.

Tracking Number Chrome Extension

A Chrome extension that quickly links you to the tracking website when you highlight a tracking number.